About the company

Flipped Vermont Technology Solutions was founded in 2016 while Nathaniel was working part-time doing reception work for a technology repair company in addition to preparing for a full-time semester at school. It has since morphed over the years into something unique and special to everyone involved; we’re incredibly proud to be able to sustain ourselves with our work and assist the fine people of Vermont while doing so. 

Operating with the mindset that technology should be fun and productive, we aim to please a broad range of customers with our knowledge and troubleshooting skills. Our services are meant to be supportive, educational, and we’re always more than happy to help out a fellow Vermonter in need. Whether you're new to the state or 5 generations firmly rooted, you can be sure to count on Flipped Vermont Technology Solutions for all of your IT needs.



Owner & Founder


Nathaniel LaRow - Owner & Founder

Elizabeth Evans - Director of Communications