Repair Cafe & SPARK

If you’ve checked out the Repair Cafe hosted by SPARK, you know what a great local event that is. People from all around bring in their broken computers and equipment to be assessed, diagnosed and fixed by Flipped Vermont Technology Solutions and other professionals. Please RSVP at the link below if you’d like to bring in an item - we’re running every 3rd Wednesday of the month!


What is SPARK?

Not sure what SPARK even is? Check it out at the link below! A groundbreaking new creative co-working space located in downtown Greensboro, VT, SPARK offers something for everyone. Large format printing, classes, laser cutting, fiber internet and more! Flipped Vermont Technology Solutions is proud to have worked with their team from the beginning, and continues that trend as both entities grow and fill their shoes in the town of Greensboro and the surrounding areas.