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Sales Overview & Warranty

Flipped Vermont Technology Solutions offers high-quality computers for sale if you are making the decision to upgrade from your current system. You can also build your own custom computer! Choose your operating system, hardware and add your specific software. Flipped Vermont Technology Solution’s mission is to provide the user with a piece of quality equipment that is guaranteed for years. 

Every computer comes with a one year Computer Purchase Warranty to begin with, along with the option to upgrade to a three or five year warranty. All computers come optimized, cleaned and tested to ensure performance. Prices don't have to break the bank; Flipped Vermont offers models ranging from internet-browsing machines to intense graphics & workstation powerhouses. Don't want to lose your data? Don't worry! Flipped Vermont also offers data migration services so that your new computer has all your essential files and programs ready to go from your previous computer.

Browse from a list of in stock computers or begin building your new dream machine - the choice is yours!

No clue where to begin? Flipped Vermont has you covered. Visit the bottom of the page to get professional assistance with your new computer purchase. 


Create Your Own Computer


Laptop or desktop

Type of casing (aluminum, plastic, etc)

Processor speed

Solid state drive, hard disk drive & memory

Audio & graphics card

Operating system & security software

Backup drive

Microsoft Office productivity suite

Accessories (mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc)


No Clue Where to Start?

Don't fret; Flipped Vermont understands that navigating a new computer investment can be daunting. That's why you need not worry - just fill out this simple intake form and Flipped Vermont will assist you through the process of deciding what machine to purchase!