computer maintenance contracts

Bundled Maintenance & Security Contracts

Keeping your computer up to date with the most recent Windows updates, components, and security fixes is extremely important. Let Flipped Vermont Technology Solutions take the hassle out of computer maintenance and security for you - we’ll fine tune your computer once a month either remotely or onsite. Fill out the simple intake form below to inquire about your customized computer maintenance and security contract.

Also, before you think a contract will break the bank - Flipped Vermont Technology Solutions offers payment options on a monthly or annual basis - inquire today about affordable contract pricing!


Standalone Security Contracts

Flipped Vermont Technology Solutions offers standalone security contracts to keep the bare-bones security aspects of your computer and files safe from malicious intent. These contracts are available for your customization and your specific needs. Fill out the simple maintenance contract below to get started. Same as an entire maintenance and security contract, these options are available on a monthly or annual payment basis. Please inquire about affordable contract pricing!