Accident Protection Plan


Accident Protection Plan

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Don’t forget about accidents! It’s such a bummer when you drop your device, break the screen or drop your milkshake on the keyboard. Look no further than a device protection plan offered by Flipped Vermont Technology Solutions!

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Flipped Vermont Technology Solutions offers protection plans for all computer purchases.

In the event that there is a hardware failure, on any component of the computer, Flipped Vermont Technology Solutions will replace or repair said component/components free of charge, provided the customer make arrangements to transport the computer to Flipped Vermont Technology Solutions’ offices. Flipped Vermont Technology Solutions, hereby referred to as FVTS in this document, will perform pickup and drop-off services, provided the customer pays for the appropriate trip charge fee associated with their location. FVTS will also allow a computer to be shipped to their offices, provided the customer pays for shipping and handling fees for both the initial and the return trip.



    • Motherboard chipset & cabling

    • Processor

    • Power supply & cabling

    • Memory (RAM)

    • CD/DVD-RW drives & cabling

    • Memory card readers & peripherals

    • Graphics processing unit

    • Audio processing unit

    • Ethernet card, port & cabling


    • Screen

    • Touchpad

    • Keyboard

    • Webcam

    • Speakers